About Us

Heyvideo is a ready-to-use video-maker app for your social media content and video ads. It provides free original commercial footage and industry video templates that are quick and easy to edit.

Mission Statement

We want to help business owners, marketing professionals, and freelance workers make quick and easy professional-looking videos for their social media and ads anytime, anywhere.

Heyvideo’s unique approach

For this breakthrough that allows us to do what we do, Heyvideo provides lots of original stock footage that our team has personally taken. With Heyvideo, your content can stand out and be unique. After all, it pays to be different because you wouldn’t have to worry about using the same stock footage as others. Having original content is great for engagement and helps you earn a valuable edge in keeping your audience’s interest. This app enables anyone to finally create professional-looking video content without the need to hire someone to do it. Having great videos are now possible because of Heyvideo!