How to Make Your Facebook Video Stand Out

October 15, 2019


Photo by I'm friday on Shutterstock

With the growth of Facebook video ads and viewing, more and more businesses and brands are now switching to using this feature as a way to improve their sales, as well as get more engagement and traffic.

However, with all the content shared on social media, it’s harder to keep up, and the audience is getting harder to please. If you’re creating videos for ads or personal purposes, we’ve gathered a list on how to make your Facebook videos stand out and get the attention it deserves.

1. Make it authentic. There are a lot of videos out there with repetitive content, so make sure that your video is unique so that it’s more likely to be shared and liked. Apart from that, when creating content for a video, you have to make sure that the quality is great — make your message clear and simple.

2. Educate your audience. When creating a video, you should always consider what it would benefit your audience or users. Let them learn something new every day — may it be a tutorial or a fact-sharing video, this can be done daily, or weekly. Point is, you have to let your audience know that they are going to watch fresh and new content when they come back.

3. Use a featured video on your profile. You can do this by posting a video at the top of your Facebook profile page. In this way, when your audience or users visit your page, they will immediately see the video, which will create more engagement and traffic on your page.

4. Entertain your audience. Most of the people who spend time on Facebook are either bored and are looking for something fun or silly. So when creating a video, make it entertaining. Don’t just post random cat videos or something off-topic. Make it relevant and fun.

5. Create a playlist. It’s another option or tool when creating videos. Do your audience like your videos? You can create or arrange a video playlist so that your audience can easily locate and watch them.

6. Use the “Watch Video” Call to action. Facebook’s call to action feature or button allows you to drive your audience’s attention to your videos. This is considered as an effective traffic-generator for your page and your videos.

7. Promote your video or post. Of course, your purpose for creating a post or video is to attract audiences, businesses, as well as potential customers. You worked hard for it, so might as well promote it and see if it drives more business.


Photo by Kaspars Grinvalds on Shutterstock

On social media, videos provide more traffic and engagement, as well as higher click-through rates than any other ad type. Businesses and brands who seldom use these types of features will eventually be left behind by those who take their businesses on different social media platforms and connect with their audiences. So, make sure that you make use of creating video content so your business or brand will not be left behind.