10 Creative Video Marketing Ideas for 2020

December 17, 2019

Video marketing is indeed burning up on the digital business, capturing more people to engage in your business campaigns or ads. However, competition is getting tight, and it's a big possibility to run out of ideas and be outdated. Innovation is needed to sustain your standing. You have to utilize your resources to make creative marketing ideas that will keep and gain potential buyers and customers.

2019 is ending, and we've already listed potential creative video ideas that you can apply for your rockstar campaign this 2020!

1. Live Streaming  

        Going live is a unique way of marketing, where potential buyers can observe products or services on time. During live streams, consumer and seller's interaction is possible through live commenting that the seller sees real-time.

2. DIY Tutorials

        Instead of explaining only the benefits a user can get through your business, creating 'do-it-yourself' or DIY videos is an excellent campaign method. In this era, where people are always looking for innovative products, let them experience the significance of your product. In this way, it is much easier to introduce your business for further details. This type of educational video generates a lot of value if executed smartly.

3. Stop-Motion

        For product-based companies, this might be one of the available video marketing ideas out there. It's short, fun, and aesthetically pleasing! Stop-motion video saves you from hiring an expensive agency to create video ads for you. With a few snaps here and there, you can bring the photos to life in a few minutes.

4. Vlogging


Photo by LightField Studios on Shutterstock

        Vlogs are one of the trendiest marketing strategies nowadays. This type of video is used for personal communication, especially by social media influencers. Influencers are an effective medium in social media marketing. With their large followings, they appear more credible to the audience. The main concern of this video focuses on what is to be said, who will say it, and how it will be said. So pick the right person, ready the script, and get the camera rolling!

5. Educational Videos

        Educational videos, also known as "how-to's" are a quick and simple format for letting potential customers gain valuable information. Videos encourage memory, learning, comprehension, and is distributed easily through search engines and social media.

6. Seasonal Videos

        Keep your video ads up to date! Incorporating seasonal campaigns for businesses can make a difference in your brand's whole year performance. Taking notes of the particular holidays can bring a notable increase in your sales.

7. Review Video

        Buyers always check for review before purchasing or dealing with business, may it be through a review content or consumer testimonials. This marketing approach takes the spotlight from the seller and lets the successful buyer encourage potential new buyers.

8. Augmented Reality Video


Photo by Montri Nipitvittaya on Shutterstock

        This marketing idea is at an advanced level. It helps marketers create an emotional connection with the buyer through immersive features. Say, for example, a user is buying paint online, but she doesn't know which color suits her room best. In this case, this strategy lets the user have the augmented reality of trying out different colors, applying it to her room virtually.

9. Product-as-a-Prop

        Squeeze those creative juices and form a story that is humorous and entertaining. Experiment with your video content. Create fun, engaging, and captivating stories using your product as a prop, whether subtly or not.

10. Thank You Video

        Did your product launch turn out to be a huge success? What about your brand campaigns? It's time for you to express appreciation for your followers and viewers. Thank the people who entered and signed up for your events, read your blogs, comment on your posts, watch your video ads, and follow your social media. Nothing beats a simple but sincere gesture.

It's never too early to start the year 2020 with brilliant video marketing ideas and execution. Find inspiration with this list and make your video marketing content gain more exposure for your brand.