5 Advertising Secrets And Tips For A Successful Video Ad

October 23, 2019


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Nowadays, it’s pretty clear that creating video content is an essential channel for brands and businesses. But it begs the question, what makes a great video? What keeps viewers engaged? How do you reach the right audience at the right time? We all want our video ads to be one that seizes the moment and goes viral. However, you can’t just run your entire marketing campaign on a hope that some social internet festivity will give your brand a boost, you still have to come up with the right strategies with your video ads so you can snag every viewers’ attention and keep them riveted.

5 Great Tips for Creating a Successful Video Ad

  • Set your sights on a specific segment

You have to set a specific audience for a specific product. Once you decide on which group you want the ad to address, you can start researching deeper into the group’s social tendencies — when and where they usually hang out online, what other brands they are following, as well as the types of posts they are sharing.

  • Think about the visual

Your video ad needs to be visually appealing in order to hold your viewers’ attention. You don’t have to hire a professional graphic designer to make remarkable video ads, you can just use mobile apps like Swish, wherein it enables you to quickly insert unique texts, filters, templates, color schemes and more to give your videos that appealing feel.

  • Get emotional about it

If you want to see your videos ads succeed, then you should always find a human angle for your ads. Videos ads that use diverse emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, and anger can make your viewers care about your brand. By triggering certain feelings in your viewers, you can propel them to answer your call to action.


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  • Look to advertising science

Using studies and surveys that determine what different cultures and populations see and enjoy in an ad can help you as to what products or plotlines you should be including in your video ad content or story.

  • Make your viewer the hero

Your products should demonstrate how your viewers can benefit from what you have to offer and the experiences that await them if they buy into your brand.


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Overall, there’s no secret formula for creating a perfect and successful video ad. All you have to do is to channel your inner creativity and passion for creating ads that will help you and your brand drive sales.