5 Best Social Media Video Trends to Watch in 2020

December 10, 2019


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It’s no wonder that there is a rising popularity of videos in social media in recent years. With the recent emergence of different platforms such as YouTube and Instagram’s IGTV, consumers all over the world are hooked on watching videos. As a marketer, how can you take advantage of this social trend and how can you properly utilize what video trends have to offer?

We’ll give you a rundown of the up and coming 5 best social media video trends you need to watch out for in 2020!

  1. Ephemeral Content

            What exactly is an ephemeral content? It’s a type of content that is only available for a certain period of time and disappears right after. One of the proliferating effects of the digital age is having shorter attention span. And it is interesting to know that social media networks find ways to address these certain changes throughout the years.

            Three of the well-known social media channels have succeeded in adjusting to the users behaviors and launched features on their apps: Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and Snapchat’s My Story. This is formatted to keep everyone continuously engaged without boring them with long content, enabling the users to digest what they’re seeing. By capitalizing on different social media applications mentioned earlier, it makes the idea of trending a more achievable goal. 

     2. Live Streaming 


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            When it comes to live videos, it has the ability to make its viewers seem as if they are being spoken to directly. It leaves an impression that they can ask questions or leave comments where the said product or person is able to address in real-time. A lot more top social media websites are making use of live streaming by providing this option in their apps such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. One of the advantages of this feature is that it's accessible to the majority of mobile users.

     3. Vertical Videos

             Most consumers spend their time on their phones more than their computers. Since mobile smartphones were held vertically, it gave way to the emergence of vertically formatted videos. As vertical videos occupy almost the whole screen of mobiles, it delivers a viewing experience that is immersive, intimate and distraction-free. Marketing videos have made its way to Instagram’s IGTV (Instagram Television) which allows users to upload vertical videos. Not only is it seen in IGTV, but we also see curated Instagram stories make its way to the platform.

     4. 360-degree Videos

             As new technology continues to enter the market, the video-viewing experiences were getting more unique and personal through time. You’ve probably heard about new types of videos which offers a 360-degrees viewing experience with their mouse or mobile devices. This type of medium is called spherical video and there are two types namely “virtual reality” (VR) and the “360-degree video”. Companies have tried incorporating the idea through their campaigns resulting in as a fresh and interactive marketing strategy.

     5. Vlogging


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             With the rise of influencer marketing, vlogging has been one of the main marketing strategies that big corporations and small businesses have to consider. Vlogging allows to bring its viewer a more intimate look into their brands. This allows viewers to easily connect with the brand and its consumers to share his/her experience of the brand by showing how it can be incorporated with everyday living and natural circumstances.

All these video trends and marketing strategies are out there for the consumers to digest and for businesses to properly analyze. A trend may mean that certain things might have been successful so it continues to keep on striving and growing. And for digital marketers, it is also important to not just follow the trends but also to be the pioneer of it.

It is important that up and coming social trends must rely depending on the behaviors and interests of the audience. The rise of new formats and consumption of videos may only prove video ads as an engaging and increasingly effective medium. From then, we can only imagine the shifts on online advertising that these discoveries might lead us next to.