5 Tips for A Successful Mobile Video Advertising

October 31, 2019


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In today's marketing and advertising industry, video content has made its way to the top of the go-to mediums. 64% of customers are more likely to avail of products or services after watching a video. As compared to other mediums, video content marketing enables brands to show more of their identity, values, and goals. Whether it's a big or a small business, they are surely taking advantage of increasing engagement and establishing rapport with a wider, global audience through engaging video content and interactive video advertisements.

However, as video content marketing gains more and more attention from consumers, competition is sure to get tough between brands. The success of the campaign relies on the characteristics of your videos: entertaining, interesting, and shareable enough. The platform on where the audience usually consumes video content shall also be considered.

According to YouTube, mobile video consumption has increased by 100% every year - as smartphones are more portable than other forms of technology such as laptops, smart TVs and desktops. With this, mobile video marketing has become the most critical part of any marketing strategy since it has the ability to get shared, go viral, and engage users immediately that helps your video ad receive the largest impact as possible.

Here are tips that will help you big time for a successful mobile video advertising.

1. Offer something of value


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Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your video ad but don’t just focus on promoting your business, products or services.

Ask yourself, “What would make my target audience click “like” and share my video?”. It could be about a real-life sad, inspiring story or a funny take on your brand’s name. Think something unique and understand what your audience wants to see and feel when they watch the ad. They will remember it more if your video ad feels less like an ad. Tip, the way to do it is to educate, entertain, and inspire your viewers.

2. Maintain brand consistency


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Consistency will make your branding evident and unforgettable.

Ensure that from the first part of the video, your message should already be present. Only include information that is essential and connected to the brand’s identity, strategy, and values.

Most especially, prioritize logos, fonts, colors, and the overall tone of your video ads since these will help you establish visual identity and keep your brand messaging consistent.

3. The video should be understandable sound off


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According to statistics, nearly 85% of video views happen in silent mode. Some viewers watch videos sound off to not disturb those around them or just because they like it better silent. You can still create engaging short videos on mute by incorporating text or captions, catchy colors, and reduced editing cuts.

4. Optimize video for low bandwidth connections


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With smartphones’ possible spotty reception, the length and quality of the video should not be overlooked. No one wants to waste time on a slow-loading video, and clicking exit would be a tempting choice. If you want viewers to continue watching your video ad until it ends, ensure that it loads in just a few seconds through optimization.

Although there is a complex relationship between page load time, available bandwidth, and latency, you can still create a video that performs well on low-bandwidth connections.

Keep your video ad short, preferably under 15 seconds in length. You can also use optimization options that some video files offer to enhance speed and performance.

5. Include Call to Actions (CTAs)


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Call to Action, commonly referred to as CTA, encourages viewers or consumers to do something which could generate sales to the company. It can be a hashtag, a URL or a button.

Observe that at the end of a YouTube video you just watched, there says “Hit Subscribe for more fun videos” and you do click on it sometimes. Yes, that’s a CTA right there. It’s a must for every video so include one. Even a well-made video ad may fail without a good CTA.

The placement of CTA matters. You can put it before the video begins (pre-roll CTA), at the middle (mid-roll CTA) or at the end of the video (post-roll CTA). Usually, CTAs are placed at the end of the video but successful marketers have proved that if done properly, midroll CTAs drive more conversions.

Give these tips a try, enter the progressive world of mobile advertising and earn the sweet success of your brand!