5 Ways on How To Keep Your Social Media Content Fresh

December 23, 2019

Producing new content helps gain attention from target audiences. People get bored reading the same articles over and over again. They stay connected with brands that offer them fresh and unique content from time to time that makes them want to look forward to more. In exchange, more traffics generated, and there will be a boost on your SEO from regular visits to your social media channels.


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Running out of ideas on how to keep your content fresh is common for everyone, so we prepared 5 simple ways to produce new content for your site.

1. Allow Guest Posts

More companies are reaching out to influencers who have in-depth knowledge of a specific topic. They can easily appeal to their followers because people will choose to engage with a human than a stiff blog post. Guest posts can also make your site look expert on a specific topic. Choose an influencer or a guest who has knowledge and experience on topic to make your content more valuable. The more clicks generated from your posts and the longer they stay on your site, the higher the chances for your links to appear in the list of results on the search engine.


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2. Track Keywords

You don’t need to produce new content all the time. Some people make things more appealing by sharing content with other sources. You can set up a keyword tracking feature to find what is trending. Keyword tracking will notify you every time something related to your business and clients, appear online.


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This feature lets you see the conversations about your brand and other relevant keywords you can track. Keyword tracking tools are free, so invest in time and effort instead of money. Share good content and connect it to your business. Always stay on-trend about your business and use keyword tracker.


3. Outsource Multiple Freelancers

You can outsource freelance copywriters or freelance writers if you lack time and people on your team. One advantage of hiring a freelancer is the salary more affordable than that of a full-time employee. You can assign multiple freelance writers to generate fresh contents that have various voice. Your content will become more interesting for your target audience if you also hire a freelancer who has expertise in infographics.

4. Reach out to your followers

Search online for the topics that you find difficulty with. Sharing content that piques the interest of your followers will help gather more engagements on your content. It is essential to know what your audience likes to read. When your followers find your website and content informational and refreshing, you will gain more likes, comments, shares, and even earn new followers.

5. Check Out Google Analytics


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Plan what you want to share on your social media. View your analytics from past content and know the topics that your readers love. See your top-performing content in Google Analytics. This free tool will gather information from the engagements of your audience. Use the top-performing articles and change them to a more creative one. Repurposing your excellent content can help save you time and help your website thrive.