7 Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

October 30, 2019


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If you want your video ads to reach a wider scope of audience and a bigger number of potential customers, Facebook is the best marketing platform. But for the campaigns to be successful, it's crucial to produce ads that provide a lasting good impression to the viewers, something that is too good to ignore. Whether it's a big corporation or a small business, success is inevitable once you get right on the formula for your publication materials, specially your video ads. 

Now, take out your pen and list down these most up-to-date research and insights on Facebook video advertising! Here are 7 best practices for optimizing your video ads on Facebook. 

1. Enhance ad title and description

To attract Facebook users into clicking your videos, it is essential to have an engaging, catchy title and description. It should be interesting to retain the audience's attention span or they will keep scrolling down. The title and description say a lot about what the audience should expect to see in your video. Write it in a way that generates curiosity and you'll increase Facebook video views in no time.

In addition, ensure that you include keywords relevant to your ad since the title and information also provide information to the platform's algorithms about your video's topic.

2. Keep it short

With human attention span declining to 8 seconds, viewers immediately lose interest to long videos so keep it short. You also have to consider the platform's ideal video length.

Facebook says, “Shorter videos have higher completion rates, so you can successfully share your entire message.” It's preferable for Facebook in-stream video ads, ads placed before or during other video content, to be 5-15 seconds long. On the other hand, for standalone ads on News Feed, Facebook recommends making it 15 seconds or shorter.

Another important thing to remember is that, with a short video ad, you must mention your brand within its first 3 seconds - the average watch time of viewers. The first 3 seconds is crucial for the brand's recall on the viewer's memory.

3. Prioritize ad appearance on mobile


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It's not a secret that most Facebook users get access through their smartphones. With over 95% of users accessing Facebook on mobile devices and 65% of the platform's video views coming from mobile users, marketers should prioritize mobile video streaming.

For any platform, you need to consider how a mobile user will experience it.

The video ads have to look good not just on bigger screens but also on smaller ones, so your audience from any device gets the best viewing experience.

4. Hit your target


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Before you enter advertising, I'm pretty sure you already know your target audience. On Facebook, you need to improve your video ad targeting. Be more specific and understand what type of audience usually contributes to your Facebook video views.

Good news! Facebook video ad has this unique targeting option where after running an ad, you can create an engagement custom audience based on the viewers of your other video ads. This is a good way to re-target consumers who already engaged with your brand in the past.

5. Go Live!

Facebook Live is rising in the advertising world. When video content is live, users watch it 3x as long on average, making Facebook live video ads as one of the best ways to introduce your brand and engage users. If you go live, you have an option to do an ad break where your in-stream video ads will be played for 15 seconds during the live stream.

However, for a larger impact and effect, the audience who clicked on your live feed should be willing and are interested in your brand. Grab this amazing opportunity!

6. Upload natively

Facebook video ads should be uploaded natively. Avoid uploading them on other platforms such as on Youtube and just sharing them on your Facebook Page. According to statistics, 89% of all videos on Facebook are now natively published.

Also, it's definitely possible that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm prioritizes native video, or users just really prefer viewing native videos. Either way, Facebook's native video ads could increase audience reactions, shares, and comments.

7. Perfect your thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video ad is the attention grabber. It's the first thing people see, not even the title and description, so make sure one look at it would make them check out the ad.

All you need to do is make it interesting and relevant. When you upload your video ad, you can choose among 10 thumbnails taken from the video. If you do customize your own thumbnail, refrain from putting too much text on it. There's a 20% rule for text overlay on paid ads and keeps your ads from getting too crowded at the first glance.


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Remember these practices and your future on Facebook advertising will look bright. Think, create and implement to get thousands of views for your ad campaign!