7 Useful Tips for an Effective Video Advertisement

October 28, 2019


Photo by  Lexamer on Shutterstock

If you want to get your brand known or attract potential customers by introducing your products or services, there's nothing more powerful than a good video advertisement.

According to statistics, 51% of marketing professionals say video provides the best return on investment (ROI) among any type of content. It would be a loss to not incorporate video advertising in one’s’ marketing strategy.

However, just because you have made a video ad and disseminated it on a bunch of media platforms, doesn't mean it’s going to be successful. There are a lot of factors to consider for an effective and memorable video ad. You don’t want users to just scroll through your ad on Facebook, right?

For the best impact as possible, you have to ensure your video captures the eyes, mind, and heart of the audience. The competition’s tough when it comes to video advertising, there’s no good in having a simple, boring and hastily-done ad.

Here are 7 tips to help you create a powerful video ad to satisfy your audience and boost traffic and conversions for your brand.

1. Choose your tone

Choose which one of these commonly used tones suit your video ad’s concept and the effect you want to accomplish. But of course, effects may still vary depending on how your ad is formed overall.

  • Dramatic Tone

If you want your brand’s values to resonate with the audience, a dramatic tone is your way to go.

  • Funny Tone

Being funny is perfect in getting consumers familiar with your brand.

  • Informational Tone

An informational tone effectively gives consumers a gentle nudge and encourages them in availing of products or services.

2. Make it short

Long videos may tire viewers and easily lose their attention. It’s preferable for a video ad to be 15 seconds or below in length. But if you can't, try to fit your message in 30 seconds as the maximum. Ensure that you place your brand in the first 3 seconds and the highlights in the first 10 seconds of the video. It's normal that you want to include almost everything in your ad but it’s not good to make information too overwhelming for the audience.

3. Be clear

Some marketers think using fancy words on their video makes them sound intelligent to consumers but that is not the case. If you want viewers to clearly understand your message, use concrete terms, not jargon or buzzwords they might not know. For example, between the similar words “synergy” and “teamwork”, the latter will make more sense to the audience.

4. Personalize and humanize

Create an ad that feels less like an ad promoting the brand and its products or services. People will likely remember your video and brand if you appear relatable and genuine. An example would be presenting loyal customers who were satisfied with your products or taking your audience behind the scenes and showing them how much your company works hard and values its consumers and employees. Think of how you can touch your viewers’ hearts. A touch of humanity will build a connection between the brand and its consumers.

5. Keep viewers interested

Once the audience finds the video boring, they wouldn’t want to waste their time so they’d abandon it and click on another video instead. If you don’t want viewers to stop watching your ad, get them hooked by including graphics and text on it. You may also want to take advantage of product demos, event previews and client testimonials which viewers mostly pay attention to.

6. Crack a joke


Photo by nito on Shutterstock

People love a good sense of humor. Cracking a joke on your video ad is an effective way to create a light and bright atmosphere for viewers but difficult to pull off. With a well-placed punchline or witty concept, your ad could even go viral and consumers will be talking about it and your brand for a couple of days. A funny ad will let the viewers remember you so be careful with your jokes. Consumers will turn their backs against your brand if you deliver cringe-worthy or insulting jokes.

7. The product should be worth the ad

No matter how stunning and engaging your video ad is, it’s useless if the product itself is not worth it for consumers. It will always be down to the products or services you offer through your ad. Before you pull everything for that ad, make sure it’s for a quality product or else you’re just tricking your audience.

Push your brand towards the top of your market with the helpful 7 tips. Video advertising will be a bit easier, trust me.