7 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views

October 25, 2019


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When it comes to video content and production, it’s important that you know how to enhance your video’s quality and increase viewership, in short, you need to take your video production skills up a notch to keep up with other competitive video makers. Not only your video is being simply watched, but it is also being judged based on its presentation, quality, style, and the information it provides to maintain your audience’s attention. 

Below are tips on how to improve your video marketing content’s production quality. (Tip: during the pre-production stage, always be well-prepared and organized so as to not get your final product look sloppy and unprofessional).

1. Be Original

Your video project should be original and creative. Don’t just copy and paste other people’s works, instead, do a research and find out what types of content are popular and successful and double-check if other businesses or brands haven’t covered the exact same angle already.

2. Plan it out

Planning is an essential part of every video production. Write a script, draw a storyboard, plan your b-rolls, and list down all the necessary shot angles.

3. Carefully consider the set


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Shoot your video in different locations as possible instead of relying on just one set. Remember, your audience is paying close attention to every detail in your video.

4. Be cognizant of sound quality

Don’t ever record a video with poor sound quality. Good sound quality helps your video a lot. You can use lapel or lavalier microphones — both are hands-free and easy to use. All this will help improve your video’s sound quality.

5. Use a tripod

A tripod is an important tool when it comes to video making. It keeps your video stable and not wobbly. Using a tripod also makes the video look tighter and more professional.

6. Obey the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds involves splitting up your shots into thirds, horizontally, and vertically, as well as framing your subject off-center. It creates movement in your shots so as to not make it off-balance.

7. Align the flow of the video with the emotional response you want to evoke in viewers


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The tone, structure, pacing, as well as the storyline, is important in video making as it creates a major influence on its effectiveness as well as the emotional impact on your audience. You should tell a story that is not only compelling but touches your audience’s hearts as well. Build tension and drama by arranging shots according to your storyboard and script.

The great thing about video production is that it is flexible, as well as engaging. Two or more people can watch your video on a phone, tablet, or computer thus sharing a viewing experience in one environment. So, make your videos creative, interesting, and worth watching so your audience will always have something to talk about that will connect them to other people.