8 Most Viral Video Clips on Social Media

December 30, 2019

A writer expresses her thoughts and imaginations through words that captivate the heart of millions of people. A painter conveys his emotion and creativity through his amazing crafts that amaze millions of people. People influence other people in the world and make people happy with simple things like posting silly photos online, circulating memes, and posting of viral videos. Knowing how powerful media is, it will spread quickly in some sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and create an immense impact on the masses.

Let us take a look at the videos that created an immense impact on the millions of people in Social Media. These are the 8 Most Viral Video Clips On Social Media as of May 2019 and take a look back to how viral videos evolved.

1. Lazy Sunday

            Lazy Sunday reached 1.2 million views in its first 10 days, as stated by David Itzkoff of The New York Times. It was one of the first trending videos that helped Youtube to be more known. Uploaded in December 2005, it was said to be a bootleg copy of “The Chronicles of Narnia Rap,” which is a skit of Saturday Night Live.

 2. Evolution of Dance

            In Youtube’s first year, comedian Judson Laipply uploaded the evolution of dance. Based on Tubular Labs Data, the video achieved 305 Million views.

 3. Chocolate Rain original song by Tay Zonday.

            It was released way back April 2007, the second year of Youtube, and conquered a total of 122 million views.

 4. David After Dentist

            He uploaded the video in January 2009 and achieved a total of 138 million views taken in May 2008. He only shared the video with his family and friends for the next 7 months. But then, he uploaded it to Youtube to make it easier for people to share it, and unexpectedly, it went viral.

 5. Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! – THE ORIGINAL!

            In the third year, funny videos of cats that went viral because of their cuteness filled Youtube. Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat achieved a total of 54.2 million views way back June 2007.

6. “Always #Like a Girl”

            On Youtube’s tenth year, a video named “Always #like a girl” was born. It was created to boost the self-confidence of girls at any age against stereotyping and earned 67 million views.

 7. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman 

            A Viral Video Agency, Rob Bliss Creative, uploaded this video last October 2014 and received 48.3 million views.


 8. Get clever with your clutter…and these 7 organization hacks

            It was uploaded on a Facebook page Blossom way back May 2017 and earned 442 million views. These days, people who create videos prefer to be more creative and informative at the same time. Some of them create some funny videos and some prefer to create some videos that teach us some ways or tricks in life just like this one.