8 Ways To Increase Engagement

October 03, 2019


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Ever noticed why there are more videos on Facebook now compared to before? Recently, Facebook introduced features in its videos like autoplay, which made videos even more eye-catching than regular posts. Because of this, companies and brands found out that using this feature gives them more audience engagement and thus, making it an effective marketing tool. So, we’ve gathered a list to get more user engagement with your Facebook videos and more traffic for your business/brand.

1. Make it intimate

Let your videos feel intimate, in this way, your video attracts more users/audiences and generates engagement, compared to videos with plain or generic messages. A video should communicate to the audience better than anything else.

2. Educate your audience


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This is one of the effective ways to get engagement and attract users. You can use videos for tips and tricks — let them learn something new every day. If not daily, then weekly. This lets your viewers know that they can always come back for fresh content.

3. Be Entertaining


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Most of the people who spend their time on Facebook are actually looking for something fun. But that doesn’t mean that you can just post random cat videos or anything off-topic. Remember, always be relevant to anything you create. Make it relevant and creative.

4. Add a featured video

This is another one of Facebook’s marketing options — featured videos. You see, when you add a featured video, it means that your video is more prominent in feeds and on your page. The video is placed just above your About section and becomes larger in your videos tab, letting your viewers see it first when they visit your page.

5. Create a playlist

Another effective tool/option is by creating a video playlist. You can do this under the ‘Videos’ tab and create multiple playlists to guide people as they navigate through. Another option is to put all your videos with a particular theme into a playlist so that viewers can easily find it.

6. Use the “Watch Video” Call to Action


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Facebook’s Call to action button allows you to draw your viewers' attention to a video on your website from your cover page. This is considered as an effective traffic-generator for your page. Aside from the Call to action button, another option is the “Watch Video”. This is where the cover photo should reflect what’s in the video behind the button.

7. Boost Video Views with an Ad


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If one of your videos gets a lot of engagement or shares, you might want to consider giving your video an extra boost by using a Facebook Video Ad. It takes out a relatively small amount of ad budget that will make your ad video stay longer on Facebook.

8. Embed Facebook Videos in Blog Posts

Just like YouTube, Facebook also has an “Embed” feature available. This feature allows your videos to be directly embedded to play in blog posts and on your own website where users/viewers can get to see all of the likes, comments, and shares from the original Facebook posts.

Here’s how to embed Facebook videos: navigate to the full video post, click on the date stamp, or go into the Videos tab and select a video, and finally, select the “Embed Post” link that is found on the right sidebar. A pop-up box will appear, and you can copy-paste the link directly into your blog post or website.

With the use of Facebook Video ad strategy, businesses and brands can now connect deeply with their audience, as well as generate more traffic on their websites and pages.