9 Best Video Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

October 10, 2019


Photo by Ivanko80 on Shutterstock

Video marketing is pretty much essential if you want to make your brand known and attract potential customers.

According to the 2018 survey, 54% of consumers admit that they prefer clicking on the video content than the brand’s other type of content. This is understandable since videos encourage more engagement and interaction from its audience.

However, nowadays, it’s quite hard to keep viewers from pressing “exit” on a video. Make your videos enjoyable and interesting enough for them to continue watching. That way, your message will be successfully delivered and your effort won’t go to waste.

If you’re having trouble thinking of concepts and ideas to incorporate on your marketing videos, it’s good to check out other brands’ memorable and influential marketing ads and campaigns to learn from them. Here are 9 amazing marketing videos from the past five years to inspire you. These are top videos that were able to make their viewers enjoy watching it. Click the play button and I bet new ideas for your videos will spring to mind.

1. Reebok 25, 915 Days

The video is about a woman’s relationship with running in reverse; as a middle-aged woman, a teen, and as a kid. Reebok promotes the #HonorYourDays Campaign with the message “honoring the body you’ve been given”. The number 25, 915 days actually refers to the number of days an average human lives and the brand uses this to encourage people to embrace fitness with those days. Reebok also tells the audience that they exist to cover their athletic gear needs throughout their lives.


Put a sense of urgency (limited time) behind your message to encourage action from the audience since it is an effective psychological motivator.

2. Canadian Tire: Wheels

This popular video ad, which supports the Candian Olympic team in the 2016 Summer Olympics, shows the story of a little boy in a wheelchair who’s left out from physical activities such as playing sports due to his disability. Fortunately, one kid meets the little boy and created a basketball game in which the latter can play. The brand subtly promotes its product “wheels” through this lovable video that made viewers emotional.


Show why you do what you do, and deliver that message in a way that matches a specific time of the year. Also, it’s fine to branch out and support things that don’t directly involve your brand for it will push you closer to the community, and of course, to the consumers.

3. Alibaba: To the Greatness of Small

The ad by Alibaba, a multinational e-commerce platform based in China, displayed the dream of a young hockey athlete in Kenya who was doubted by other people for playing an ice sport despite not seeing “ice” yet. In the end, Team Kenya reached the 2018 Winter Olympic, proving that great dreams start small. Alibaba successfully promotes the brand with the message, “To the greatness of small, Alibaba empowers small business and young people around the world.”


Start with a small audience before going for a bigger audience. Sometimes, the most powerful messages resonate with the smallest audiences. Tap an idea or concept most people can relate to and something that will also give them motivation in their lives, such as dreams.

4. Google Android: Friendship Furever

Android’s most-shared ad in 2015 is a simple series of clips which presents the unique cute friendship between unlikely animals spending time together. And wow! It has been shared more than 6.4 million times. Well, people really love adorable animal videos, so Android did a good choice with this one. Who wouldn’t want to see a cat opening the door for its dog's best friend, right?


Simple ads can be the most influential and shareable ads if they successfully touch the viewers’ emotions with the subject matter.

5. Nike Women: Better For It

"Nike Women: Better for it" uses honest humor through inner thoughts that run in women's minds when at the gym or running a marathon. Relatable, right? I mean, who doesn't have funny and sarcastic thoughts during "crisis"? Also, the ad ends with a message of going for it and finishing the task no matter how hard it is. Definitely motivational!


Include humor in your content. Although it can be tough to pull it off, without sounding awkward, it can make your video more engaging and establish a sense of relatability with the audience.

6. BuzzFeed for Purina: Puppyhood

To most viewers, a video with a cute little puppy is always worth watching. This is about a man who adopts, raises a puppy, and talking to it like his long lost friend. The ad exudes cuteness and playfulness that just makes you smile all throughout the video. Also, though it's an ad for Purina's (a pet food brand) Puppy Chow, the product doesn't bother you with its subtle placement.


Create ads that don't feel like an ad at all. Confusing? Show your product or service in the context of an average customer's daily life.

7. Coca-Cola: The Last Customer

In this video ad, the brand Coca-Cola gave more than 15 000 Filipinos a surprise gift for the holidays. The uplifting video emphasized giving something to individuals who sacrifice being at work during Christmas, instead of celebrating with their family. Filipinos are known for being family-oriented so it's no wonder the ad became a huge hit.


By doing good things for others, such as giving and sharing, customers will look at you as more trustworthy, generous and sincere. Execute emotionally-charged marketing and target the values of your specific audience.

8. Always: Like A Girl

Society has made the phrase “Like a girl” sound like something bad. In the video ad, the brand always tries to change the perception of this popular “insult” into a positive. Always combined empowering messages with realistic-- opposite of idealistic-- portrayals of their audience.


Commit to marketing that empowers the consumer rather than making them feel not good enough.

9. Artifact Uprising: On Legacy

Artifact Uprising shares the story of an elderly man who dedicates himself to creating a photo book to leave his children and grandchildren as his legacy. A touching statement of the man says, “I’m leaving them under the photographs, all of which are very valuable to me.” The ads show how the man trust the photographs to serve as a record of his memories when his departure comes. Artifact Uprising successfully promotes its brand by showcasing touching, individual stories that stay in the viewers’ minds.


Know how people use your product or service to make their life better. Share their inspiring, heartwarming stories and experiences throughout the video. Discovering beautiful and unique life stories that involve your brand is satisfying and gives you the feeling that you’ve done something right, so why not do it?

Now that you know key things to keep in mind for a powerful video ad or campaign, it's your turn to make one. If you’re able to make consumers remember your video when they see your products or services, then you’ve made an impact. Keep it going!