Almond Day - February 16


By Krasula

What is Almond Day?

The seed in the fruit of an Almond tree is called Almond. Almond Day is being celebrated every 16th of February. Almonds are known for its nutritious content. It is packed with Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin E and etc. No wonder why a lot of people use this food along with other meals to create a healthy and delicious recipe. But it is not just known for its nutritious value, it is also said to be the food that may help us in fighting heart disease. Awesome, right?

In ancient times, It was said to be one of the earliest cultivated foods in the Mediterranean area, specifically in the area of Spain, Greece, Morocco, and Israel. Almonds were seen as a symbol of beauty and rebirth as well as a symbol of hope in ancient Hebrew Writings and in the Bible.

How to celebrate Almond Day?

We can celebrate the National Almond Day by cooking or preparing mouth-watering food with Almonds such as Chocolate - Almond Saltine Toffee, Almond Waffles, and Spaghetti with Sundried - Tomato Almond Pesto. On the other hand, you can also try other things such as discovering different kinds of Almonds that may suit your taste buds like Sprouted Almonds. Maybe one day, you can create a recipe with the help of your new-found favorite Almonds.

Facts about Almonds

  • An Almond helps us to slow absorption of sugar and carbs
  • The common varieties of Almonds are Nonpareil (has an outer shell that is thin), Butte (has a short and small nut), Sonora (has a large and narrow nut), Carmel (has a softshell), and Peerless ( has a smooth surface and light color type of shell)
  • Almonds help us to make our bones and teeth stronger.
  • In order for an Almond to grow, it needs a cool winter and hot weather.
  • An Almond grows on a tree in three parts, the shell, the kernel, and the hull.
  • Unripe Almonds that are retrieved from the tree early are called Green Almonds.
  • A Bee plays an important role in the growth of an Almond. 

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