Awkward Moments Day - March 18


By Cookie Studio

What is Awkward Moments Day?

Awkward Moments Day is celebrated every year on the 18th of March. It is an annual day to celebrate and reminisce about the awkward moments that occurred in our lives. It is a day to forget and let go of such moments that humiliated, mortified and put us to shame. Awkwardness or embarrassment is having a feeling of intense discomfort with oneself. Everyone can relate to this day and it’s just natural for awkward moments to happen in our lives. Coincidentally, Awkward Moments Day is commenced the day after St. Patrick’s Day which is often linked to partying and booze. Although the origin or purpose of this nonsensical yet humorous day is unknown, some people guess that this day was intended as an aftermath for St. Patrick’s Day. Furthermore, one might say that the unknown founders created the day solely for people to accept, wholeheartedly, all the awkward moments that transpired in their lives.

How to celebrate Awkward Moments Day?

There are a few things to do to celebrate Awkward Moments Day. It is a day to laugh and recognize that these memorable moments make life more interesting. This day can also be a lesson not to repeat mistakes; to avoid and save yourselves from awkwardness. Share your moments with friends, family or on any social media sites. You can also use #AwkwardMomentsDay in social media platforms to share your stories with the public. Awkward Moments Day is a reminder to have a good laugh and see the humor in such situations. You might discover that every person has experienced different levels of awkwardness and humiliation.

Fun facts about Awkward Moments Day:

Did you know the word embarrassed in the English language is first used and traced back in the diary of British parliamentarian Samuel Pepys in 1664?

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