Bird-Feeding Month - February 19


By DragoNika

What is Bird-Feeding Month?

When winter comes, people get excited, for this means that holidays are also fast approaching. However, winter may become difficult, especially if the snow eventually piles up. Aside from the freezing weather, sweeping the snow is also tiring.

But, did anyone ever ask if what happens to creatures who live on nature? How about the animals that don’t have anything aside from trees as their habitat? What about the birds?

Well, even before the cold season comes, birds migrate to a place with warmer weather and come back to their original habitat come spring. In this regard, a congressman from Illinois named John Porter proclaimed February as Bird-Feeding month, which encourages people to support and fund enough food, shelter, and water for the birds which came from their long and tiring journey.

How to celebrate Bird-Feeding Month?

During February, the month for bird-feeding, getting bird feeder is a great way to participate in this event. There are different kinds of birds and start by researching what types of birds usually stop over your place and choose the appropriate feeder.

Also, you can then add a small water fountain to your backyard or garden, where birds can have their refreshing bath and a place to drink water. Just make sure the water is heated, as these birds have been battling the cold during their winter migration.

Quotes to live by on Bird-Feeding Month

"Feeding the bird is also a form of prayer."-Pope Pius X11

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