Bobblehead Day - January 7


What is Bobblehead Day?

National Bobblehead Day is celebrated every year on January 7th. This serves as a day for all head bobbing figurines related to the spring.

For over 100 years, Bobbleheads have been around and are found in various shapes and sizes. But none are more common than those portraying athletes, professional sports teams, mascots, characters from cartoons, and celebrities.

The Fame and Museum National Bobblehead Hall was announced on November 18, 2014. The museum opened on Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2016 and houses the world's largest collection of bobbleheads, a hall of fame for the best bobbleheads, as well as many historical and bobbleheads-related exhibits, and much more.

How to Celebrate the Bobblehead Day?

Well, the easiest way to celebrate Bobblehead Day is by far to get out and start your own collection! There are thousands of options available to suit your own personal taste and style. Bobblehead Day is a great chance to get a new tradition and a new hobby.

Talk to your friends, find out if they have a favorite bobblehead or a story that involves a parent who has one. More than one family had a bobblehead enthusiast who brought gatherings, their vehicles, or just life itself with their own personal flair and style.

Bobblehead Day is a great time to learn about the insane world in which we live and this famous piece of American History a little bit more.

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