Cat Herder's Day - December 15


Working life is not that easy. Waking up early only to fight against the traffic, going to work with an empty stomach, receiving tons of workloads to be passed on a tight deadline, having a grumpy boss—the life of an employee which is similar when "herding a cat." You've already experienced this on your present job, doing such impossible tasks, but nothing will top the irritating feeling of having messy and hard to manage co-workers.

What is Cat Herder's Day?

This holiday celebrated on December 15 is intended for those people who were living in such an impossible life every day.

You may have met someone who appears excellent and perfect at first, later on finding out that working with him/her is actually challenging.

You've already met someone who is excellent at first and feels like you are going to match up, but later on, you'll find out that working with him or with her is tough. Then if yes, you can call it like "herding a cat."

Top 5 Management Skills You Should Have

Every individual has their mind. It's heart-fluttering to find someone with the same thinking pattern as yours, but it's a bit hard if you are going to meet a person who is difficult to read, may it be in his or her attitude, personality and gestures. The problem will arise if you are schoolmates or co-workers and these might lead to misunderstanding or misinterpretation, or worse, the whole team to be affected.

The following are the top five (5) management skills you should have if you want to become an expert cat herder.

  • Open your ears and Listen
  • Communication
  • Be Consistent and Precise
  • Build relationships
  • Empathy

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