Chanukah - December 22


What is Chanukah?

It’s an eight-day celebration of the Jewish Festival of Rededication, also known as the Festival of Lights. The celebration will begin on the evening of December 22 and ends on the evening of December 30. Chanukah/ Chanukkah or Hanukkah, celebrated the rededication during the second century B. C. of the second temple in Jerusalem. The event occurred when Jews rose up against Greek-Syrian rulers in the Maccabean revolt and drove them out of Jerusalem. It has become one of the most well know holidays on the Jewish Calendar.

What are the Activities on Chanukah?

•Light the menorah

Each night of the celebration Chanukah, use the head candle or known as shamash to light the eight candles in the menorah.

•Give some gelt

Gelt is a gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins are traditional Chanukah treats. The tradition to turn back to the Maccabees producing their own money after defeating the Greeks.

•Play dreidel

A traditional four-sided spinning toy. The four sides have a Hebrew letter on it: first is “nun” means do nothing, second is “shin” means you put one in; third “he” means you get half of what’s in the middle; and lastly “gime” means you get the whole pot. For a great time, play it with gelt or with real money.

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