Cheese Doodle Day - March 5


By Steve Cukrov

What is National Cheese Doodle Day?

National Cheese Doodle Day is celebrated every 5th of March. Cheese doodle is a snack food that is baked or fried and made of cheddar cheese. Cheese doodles are also called cheese puffs, cheese balls, cheese curls, corn cheese or cheese poofs. These tasty snacks will leave your fingers bright orange. Cheese doodles are made by mixing the hot corn in the shaper and adding the cheesy flavoring. The man who invented cheese doodle was Morrie Yohai. He created different kinds of snacks for the Old London Foods company in 1940. Cheese doodles became popular worldwide because it is delicious and crunchy. There are different shapes and flavors that you can choose from. Aside from cheese flavor, there are salt and honey flavors that are available in the market.

How to celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day?

To celebrate this special day, you can simply get cheese doodles. Eat it while watching your favorite movie or share these delicious snacks with family and friends.

Fun Facts about Cheese

1. President Andrew Jackson ordered a 4 feet and 2 feet thick cheddar cheese to be delivered in the white house. The 10, 000 visitors of the White House ate it all within 2 hours only.

2. Scientists used human bacteria from toes and belly buttons to create cheese successfully.

3. The most expensive cheese is Pule cheese. This cheese is from Serbia’s Balkan donkeys. The cost of 1 pound of cheese is $600. There are only 100 female donkeys that produce milk for pule-making. A 1 pound of cheese is consists of 3 gallons of milk. That is why it is so expensive.

4. Cheese is only discovered by accident in the linings of the stomach of animals.

5. Mice don’t really love cheese. They like carbs and sweets more than cheese.

6. Cheeses are stored in caves for them to age and add more flavors. Caves should be cool and humid. This is the storage for cheese used by European cheesemakers before the refrigerator was invented.

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