Cotton Candy Day - December 7


What is Cotton Candy Day?

There exists in the world small clouds of utter delight, floating multicolored strands of spun-sugar all wrapped around a stick or served in a bag. Everything from the machine the produces this treat, to the men and women who operate it, and the very flavor it leaves in your mouth is purely magical.

Did you know dentists actually invented the cotton candy? Back in the day, it was called fairy floss and spun sugar way back 1400s. Today, it’s is the go-to snack at the county fairs and a must-have when riding a Ferris wheel. Every December 7th of the year, cotton candy lovers look forward to celebrating the day as they pull puffs of cotton candy from a stick or out of a bag and reminisce about their childhood days.

The History of Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Day is simply the history of cotton candy itself, and to find that history we’re going to have to dig a bit deeper than you might imagine. Considering the number of names that the treat itself is known by, including candy cobwebs, Hawai mithai, candy floss, and our personal favorite, fairy floss, finding out its origin may be a little bit confusing.

Cotton Candy is often suggested to have come into existence as a form of spun sugar in 19th century Europe, and back then it would have been as precious as gold. While today’s technology allows us to produce cotton candy with a simple machine and a little time, the process would have been incredibly labor-intensive and no doubt expensive, leaving Cotton Candy as a treat of the elite.

In 1897, dentists made the sweet treat. John C. Wharton and a dentist friend of his, William Morrison created a machine to make Cotton Candy and presented it at the World’s Fair. Since then it has exploded throughout the world and can be found in almost every culture you can imagine, from America to the Distant East.

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