Craft Month - March 13


By yingko

What is Craft Month?

For this month of March, pull out your materials and be creative as you work on your craft for #Craft Month. Created by Craft and Hobby Association way back 1994, this celebration encourages people to unleash their creative spirit.

This event also pushes people to rediscover one’s talent, or skills, or to find out what’s your ability by trying out different handcrafts, may it be on paper, clothing, or other materials including sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, and other fun activities.

How to celebrate Craft Month?

As a parent, if you can’t pull out the devices and internet to your kids, you might as well use it into something useful and beneficial for them. Give your kids art materials and let them look for a reliable or their chosen crafts by following tutorials on social media. They can start on simple calligraphies, or origami, which is popular among kids.

Also, you can have some DIY projects. Aside from ‘do-it’ yourself’ items, baking can be considered as a craft as well, which can be enjoyed with families.

Quotes to live by this Craft Month

“When you devote yourself to being an artist, you have to stay on your craft and always try to get better and better.”- Raekwon

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