Cyber Monday - December 2


After Thanksgiving, most shops will make a holiday sale, and you can’t restrain yourself looking at that 50 % off denim shirts to that 20 % off gadget sale, and it would be a waste to lose this once a year opportunity.

What is Cyber Monday, and how does it differ with Black Friday?

Most of the people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving will get confused with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It may be confusing at first, but it doesn’t seem that hard to comprehend. Black Friday happens on the first Friday following Thanksgiving, while Cyber Monday is slated following Black Friday.

You may ask what could be the difference between the two. Originally, Black Friday was celebrated as brick and mortar sale, which is the traditional physical store alongside the streets, or the shopping malls while Cyber Monday is dedicated for your whole digital shopping through the cyber world or the internet.

This is the trend for the new era, shopping through the platforms wherein online shops and online boutiques are present.

Both are the same when it comes to its sale perks, and it can be fascinating to make your most shopping experience through these two days of sales.

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