Dentist's Day - March 6


By studio2sim

What is Dentist’s Day?

 Dentist’s Day is the celebration for all the dentists around the world. On this special day, we give thanks and appreciation to our dentists. Dentist’s Day is celebrated on March 6. Visiting the dentist can be scary sometimes. People especially children get nervous when they are sitting in a dental chair. We are not excited to see our dentist because we are afraid to experience pain. After the toothache is gone, we are happy and thankful for what the dentist has done for us. Dentist’s Day is a celebration to remind people who are forgetting to prioritize their oral hygiene and avoiding to pay a visit to their dentist.

Dentistry began in 7000 BC. Indus Valley Civilization had evidence that human teeth were drilled back in 9,000 years. The world’s first dental school is in Bainbridge, Ohio. This school is owned by Dr. John M. Harris. The first-ever Beeswax dental filling was discovered 6500 years ago in Slovenia. The first book about dentistry was published in 1530 and named "Artzney Buchlein".

How to celebrate the Dentist’s Day?

Dentists help make our smile more beautiful. They treat, diagnose, and prevent oral diseases. Go visit your dentist for a check-up and show up with a little something for him/her as a token of gratitude.

Fun Facts About Teeth

1. Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton owned the most precious teeth? Newton’s teeth were sold to be used to make a ring for $3,633.

2. Your teeth are unique just like your fingertips.

3. The first female licensed dentist in the year 1866 is Lucy Beaman.

4. Dentist comes from the French word “dentiste” which means tooth.

5. The first book written in the English language and about dentistry was "Operator for the Teeth" and was written by Charles Allen in 1685.

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