Doctor's Day - March 30


By BlurryMe

What is Doctor’s Day?

Doctor’s Day is a national holiday in the United States, which is founded by a wife of a doctor, Eudora Brown Almond. She wants to dedicate a special day to honor the hard work of doctors and physicians, who are the heroes of the modern world.

With this mindset, Eudora started out giving out mail letters to every doctor she knows, as well as putting carnation flowers to the graves of the doctors she knows who already passed away. Up until now, the said flower was still the symbol of today.

How to celebrate Doctor’s Day?

Without noticing, Doctors work non-stop, with no break to secure and to save an individual who is suffering. They took almost their whole Day in the hospitals or their clinics, with the burden of every patient’s life.

On this day, take time to recognize their hard work, by acknowledging their journey as the medical staff. Thank them on behalf of all the lives they had to save, as well as you can also treat them to a special meal after long-list of consultations or after a successful surgery. Moreover, giving them cards or flowers is also a good option, or left carnation flowers to the deceased doctors, you know.

Quotes to live on this Doctor’s Day

“It is the duty of the doctor to prolong life,

And it is not his duty to prolong the act of dying”


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