Download Day - December 28


Christmas Holiday was so far one of the most anticipated times—not only by kids but as well as those Shopaholics! This calls for a holiday week sale, discounted items, lowered price materials, and fair priced gadgets! No doubt, commercials were already luring you to change your old phone, so don’t hold back and just buy the latest model of smartphones.

What is National Download Day?

National Download Day is celebrated three days following Christmas day where most numbers of the application were downloaded for the entire year. Ready your smartphones or PC, for December 28th will be the National Download Day.

How to celebrate National Download Day?

If you received a new gadget or bought it yourself, then you must be the luckiest and happiest. However, aside from the amazing specs of your gadget, you should also get your hands on the best applications to download on your phone.

Following or provided below were the applications that you will be needing for the upcoming year, so go on and enjoy the listing.

Google Pay

In this modern era, bringing an ATM card is a hassle to most of the users. In this sense, a virtual card is really handy, such as Google Pay. By simply linking your card to it. You can have a smoother transaction by using POS payment, as well as you can transfer money online. 


Tired of using the bulky 3-in-1 printer to scan your documents? Then you can download the app which is called CamScanner. 


This has a free version and a premium version. If you want to download the music offline, you can then upgrade to premium and enjoy music to the fullest!


Download an application that will ensure the safety of your data and personal info, such as passwords and email accounts. Your files were stored in encrypted storage, which only the owner who has the password can access the vault of information. It also has a two-way authentication: Pin unlock and fingerprint login.

Daily Yoga

It has a built-in health tracker for you to track if you are doing good, as well as it has tons of exercises that you can follow with the help of voice instruction. These are only some of the recommended app that you should have. Another tip, always ensures that you will be downloading from the legit marketplace or online store, to keep your safety from viruses to keep yourself away from hackers.

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