Drink Wine Day - February 18


By DeepMeaning

What is Drink Wine Day?

Drink Wine Day is celebrated every 18th of February. The purpose of the said event is to commemorate the benefits we received in different aspects of life such as health with the help of wine. Wine helps us to fight against heart diseases but of course, we should remember to drink it moderately at all causes.

National Drinking Wine Day is being celebrated in 18th of February yearly while National Wine Day is being celebrated every 25th of May, so don’t be confused. In National Drinking Wine Day, we are celebrating the benefits we can have in drinking Wine. Also, if you are a fan of Red Wine, the National Red Wine Day is being celebrated every 28th of August. You can celebrate National Drinking Wine Day in 2020 or in the next few years, by tasting different types of wine such as White Wine, Red Wine or Rose Wine partnered with your favorite meals such as steak and cheese.

How to celebrate Drink Wine Day?

Taking a picture of your favorite brand of wine and putting it in your journal would be a good idea. So next time, if you are going to drink some wine, you can pick some of your favorites by using the pictures you collected.

Facts about Wine

  • Consuming one glass of wine a day is good for your health
  • From the red grape variety, White wines can also be made
  • Between White wine and red wine, Americans prefer red wine.
  • The country that produces the most wine in the world, is France.
  • Wine may have used as a Medicine by the Egyptians

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