Festival of Sleep Day - January 3


What is the Festival of Sleep Day?

Sleep is one of the most important things an individual should have to do in order to restore his or her energy. However, due to busy and packed schedules, it might be difficult for some to catch up with their rest time. Overall, the required time to sleep is 6-10 hours, though, as an adult, we rarely have the opportunity to do this.

Due to this, a celebration was created. Though this is not an official holiday, you can join this event called Festival of Sleep Day, wherein after the hectic activities you had during the Christmas Holiday and New Year, you can gain your energy and start your year with a total time of rest. The history of Sleep Day and whether who is the person behind this is still unknown, but no one’s complaining!

How to celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day?

All you have to do during this celebration is to close your eyes, think nothing, and sleep whenever you want! However, it is right to some that, although this might sounds easy, it is quite challenging to do due to duties and responsibilities welcoming you as the year started.

On this regard, here are some tips to Gain your Sleeping Time:

1. Switch off your digitals

Having your laptops, computers, smartphones, or televisions can serve as destruction for you to fully rest. While lying down on your bed, you might be tempted to scroll up and down browsing your social media accounts timeline. As you become immersed in the online world, you might lose track of your time, and will soon realize that you’ve consumed all of your time on the internet instead of sleeping.

2. Clean your sleeping place

It is more relaxing and comfortable when you know that you are sleeping in a clean area. As you were having a hectic day, you may not have noticed that your room is already in a mess. This day is the best time to fix your things and be organized and then have a good sleep.

3. Spend your Day at a Beach or Hotels

There’s no place like home, so it’s probably the place where you can sleep comfortably. However, most of the time, you get distracted and your sleeping time is cut off due to the household chores like cooking for lunch and dinner and thinking about your laundry.

If you are in a hotel or beach, staff will most likely serve you, and you don’t have to worry about a single thing such as food or chores, for someone will do it for you.

Trivia about Sleep

Did you know that 12% of people dream entirely in black and white?

Have you ever dreamed entirely in black and white? It is as if you were watching a classic movie. Though it does not have an entire and specific explanation, the study showed that most of the people getting these black and white dreams are in their middle age, ranging from 55 to 75.

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