Frozen Yogurt Day - February 6


By leyang

What is Frozen Yogurt Day?

National Frozen Yogurt Day is celebrated every year on the 6th of February. This holiday is made to commemorate such healthy and delectable dessert for all ages. But what exactly is frozen yogurt? Frozen yogurt is a soft-served dessert with that contains healthy bacteria. It can also be dairy or non-dairy. Frozen yogurt was first launched in 1970 in the United States and became increasingly popular in America and frozen yogurt sales have skyrocketed and expanded its market up to this day!

Yogurt has gone its way from being an ordinary treat to a hearty, frosty serving that came in different flavors. New ingredients are concocted to add to the number of different froyos and improve its brand of being a “healthy alternative” from other frosty treats. There are a lot of froyos up in the market catering to different people. Nowadays, there are different variants to choose from such as vegan frozen yogurts for non-dairy lovers, the well-known Kemps Frozen Yogurt, and Yasso Frozen Yogurt, which serves Greek yogurt. There are even frozen yogurt bars for the busy bees!

How to celebrate Frozen Yogurt Day?

National Frozen Yogurt Day can be celebrated by simply sharing your favorite frozen yogurt flavors to your friends and loved ones! You can also make homemade frozen yogurt by and add your favorite toppings to customize and experiment with different ingredients. Several frozen yogurt chains also offer free yogurts yearly to celebrate the day!. You should check your nearest frozen yogurt stores to score discounts, specials! Make it trend by using #NationalFrozenYogurtDay on your social media posts!

Fun Froyo Fact for Froyo Day:

Did you know that yogurt has been around for over 4,000 years? It started in the Middle East and India and is used in different kinds of dishes!

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