Giving Tuesday - December 3


It is indeed one of the best feelings in the world to receive something that you love, may it be a simple card, a gadget, a car, or anything that gives you pleasure such as love. However, it is still true that “it’s better to give than to receive.” The satisfaction and the smiles from the person that you lend a hand, you give something or anything, can’t be compared to the happiness that you gain from this materialistic society.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Just like being kind to anyone, Giving Tuesday encourages everyone to do good. To give something back. It doesn’t have to be in a physical state, but you can also convey happiness or give kindness. This celebration is pursuing you and everyone to unleash your inner generosity, and this is also proof that love and compassion still reign in the hearts of everyone. With everyone’s heart connected and willing to give, each of everyone can create a free world.

How to celebrate Giving Tuesday?

There are no requirements to participate in this event. As much as giving is your will, then you will. Though, if you can’t think of anything to do during Giving Tuesday, here are some ways to celebrate and join the celebration:

Spend your time with Doing Charity Works

If you have some free time, you can then make time doing some charity works, working with an organization created for street children, feeding malnourished kids, or joining relief operations for remote areas. You can also give some of your knowledge by merely teaching street children to read, write, and count.

Donate Books

Books nowadays are less used by students due to the developing technology, wherein by just searching or looking up a specific topic on the internet, you will have a real-time result. Although, in some places, especially in rural areas, books are still needed. If you have some spare books that you aren’t using anymore, you can directly donate it to the schools, or team up with organizations making book donations.

Give Love

You don’t have to pay a penny to give something. Giving love, spreading love is widely appreciated.

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