Grammar Day - March 4


By Sinart Creative

What is Grammar?

 Grammar is the arrangement of words to construct correct sentences. Incorrect grammar can confuse people and cause ineffective communication. Grammar Day is celebrated every 4th of March. This celebration is created by the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, Martha Brockenbrough. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar is a website where you can check various language issues. Martha Brockenbrough is also the author of “Things that makes us [sic]”.

Martha Brockenbrough established Grammar Day in 2008. She wanted to help all the students to have proper grammar and she thought of a lively way to do it. Martha Brockenbrough encouraged people to love the English language by using proper grammar. She thought of a special day for people to use verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives properly in sentences. This occasion celebrates the good practice and rules of the English language.

How to celebrate Grammar Day?

Sometimes people forget the importance of proper grammar. They are just in a rush in sending messages using shortcut and misspelled words. People celebrate Grammar Day by being extra-careful with their grammar. Strive to make your sentences grammatically correct. Have fun and answer an online grammar quiz to test your knowledge. Double-check your messages for typographical errors before sending them.

Fun Facts about Grammar

Did you know that the person who has the best grammar is Conan O’Brien? He only has 0.21 grammatical errors for every 100 written words. Bill gates are the second-best grammar. He averaged 0.22 mistakes. And the third place goes to Barack Obama, who has an average of 0.26 mistakes.

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