Great American Pie Month - February 12


By Africa Studio

What is Great American Pie Month?

February is declared as the Great American Pie Month! Here in America, cookies are treasured desserts. They come in a wide variety of flavors, from apple and pumpkin to strawberry and blueberry, and they play an important role in our celebrations and holidays. Pumpkin cake and sweet potato cake are classics of Thanksgiving Day.

By default, Apple is springing to mind. There’s no question about it. And it's also popular with blueberry pie. The only one observed in February is the National Cherry Pie Day. They make a pie of dewberry in Texas. There's no way that we could proceed until we hit the zucchini pie. We'd find key lime and Mississipi water, pecan and peanut butter somewhere in all of those.

How to celebrate Great American Pie Month?

Go and celebrate at West Cafeteria for the Great American Pie Week and be sure to try that delicious apple, cherry or chocolate cream pie after dinner.

Facts About Pies

Savoury, sweet, hot or cold, pies are one of the ultimate comfort foods. This is echoed by the fact that we spend around £1billion on pies every year in Britain, of which pork pies contribute £145 million.

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