How Many Minutes Should My Business Video Be on Social Media?

October 02, 2019


Photo by Min C. Chiu on Shutterstock

Social Media, where most people spend their time browsing, enables known and unknown businesses to attract potential customers from everywhere. Companies should utilize it well.

Video marketing strategy is an effective way to build customer rapport and promote your brand, services, or products with the use of social media. This even allows small companies to compete with the large ones, as long as the video is in the best quality.

It might seem easy but making users keep watching your business video is as hard as starting your company. You have to incorporate factors such as visual, length of the video, the platforms to use, and others.

It is important not to drive away viewers even before the video ends. However, according to research, people’s attention spans nowadays fell drastically from an average of 12 seconds in the year 2000 to today’s 8 seconds. That is even shorter than a goldfish!

Thus, in an attention economy, you need to recognize what goes in your videos and how long it should be for major impact and results.

The optimal length depends on the social media platform


Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Some brands may assume that you have to produce a 3-minute or longer video, to fully express value and information but in reality, you have to consider certain factors, such as attention span and social media platform. The right length for your video will depend on which platform it will be posted and what the video is all about.


You should aim a 1-minute-long Facebook video as users will immediately scroll past longer ones without clicking or sharing it. Data from research conducted by BuzzSumo showed that people do not want to see a 3-minute video on the said platform.


On this platform where users intentionally look for videos, you can create a video longer than the ones for platforms Facebook and others. But it’s best for a YouTube video to be about 2 minutes long.


Twitter is a more fast-paced platform compared to the two mentioned above. With this kind of nature, users on this platform prefer quick videos. It has a 45-second recommendation.


The time limit for videos on an Instagram feed is only 3-60 seconds, keeping in mind that users scroll faster on this image-only platform.

Right Length based on the video type

On the other hand, each video type has a standard length.


You have to express a lot of information for tutorials but try to fit it in a 60-90 seconds video. A step-by-step could consume a lot of time so just present it as something easy to achieve.


It is best for sales videos to have 1 to 2 minutes duration to keep your sales pitch snappy and engaging.

Marketing videos

Lastly, create a marketing video between 45 and 60 seconds to keep the viewer’s attention until the very end of the video.

The key to producing a significant video is brevity, knowing the purpose and not overlooking the platform. Ensure that you’re able to clearly deliver your message to the audience with the right platform and time duration.