How Marketing Video Ads Can Skyrocket Your Conversions

October 01, 2019


Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Are you looking for ways to stimulate traffic and increase conversions? Then it’s time to focus on creating marketing video advertisements!

In the digital marketing world, video advertisements are slowly dominating. Businesses and marketers are promoting the brand, services, and products through digital video ads to reach a wide scope of audience and attract potential customers.

Video marketing has become today’s go-to for generating responses from consumers. This type of content is posted on YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.


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However, with human attention spans declining, it has become a challenge to keep viewers from clicking exit as your video ad plays. With video advertising progressing in recent years, consumers can already differentiate a good-quality ad from one that is poor-quality.

The way you conceptualize, create and distribute your ads plays an important role to produce a large possible impact. Increasing conversion is simple as long as your video ads get consumers interested and curious until the end of it.  

Keep the story interesting

Video ads give you more freedom to exhibit the company’s values and uniqueness. Create a story or concept that is engrossing, unique, and will stay in the minds of the viewers. Avoid using the same content as your other ads or competitors. Show something different from your standard marketing.

Get to the point in 10 seconds

As mentioned above, people have a short attention span. A great video won’t be acknowledged if, in the first 10 seconds, viewers find it uninteresting and choose to give up watching it. Be sure to convey a part of your message in those few seconds.

Include a call-to-action

Just like any marketing content, your video should also have a call to action, a piece of content intended to encourage viewers to do something. Usually, marketers place their call to action at the end of the video, but you can also try another place to include it. A lot of marketers have proved that when the viewer’s attention has already been grabbed somewhere in the middle of the video, it is also a good idea to insert a call to action. But, you might disrupt the video’s flow so be cautious with mid-rolls CTA. 

Optimize content

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your video marketing content. Host the video on your own domain before distributing it on other sites or platforms.

Be sure to write a well-crafted description or caption that can easily be understood by search spiders.

Disseminate video ad


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This is obvious. Post and share your videos on platforms where a lot of people are consuming video content. It’s important to place video ads in the right locations for more opportunities to appeal to users or consumers.

In conclusion, increasing conversions is fast and simple when video ads are well-produced, engaging, and properly disseminated. Take note of these significant factors, and you’ll certainly gain from it!