How to Create a Product Teaser

December 16, 2019


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Every Friday night, most of us enjoy watching movies with our family or friends. Choosing what movies to watch, however, is a critical part of the process. Before you settle with a particular movie, you watch trailers and teasers first to select what movie would be best for all. Watching those will help you know immediately if the plot, the graphics, the cinematography, and the acting is at par with your taste and preferences.

Everyone in the marketing industry, and even on the creative media, crafts contents that are satisfying to the audience — should be entertaining, informational, relatable, and more. With teasers and trailers, however, it's the opposite. These promotional materials pique on the audience's interest and grab their attention. It gives a glimpse of what's yet to come then leaves you hanging at the end. It makes you feel eager to see the movie, watch the series, stream the full album, purchase a product, or subscribe to a channel.

Creating your product teaser is a critical part of your marketing plan. You have to keep in mind that these teaser campaigns should be striking and memorable to the audience for your brand awareness. The introductory video serves as a stepping stone for the successful launching of your products and services. You might be thinking about how to create an effective product teaser that can increase your brand awareness. Worry no more as we listed some of the tips that might get you a successful product teaser campaign.

1.    Know your target audience.

        To succeed in making a good product teaser, know your target audience first. It is important to know your customer’s point of view so you can manage to fix the possible problem that may occur. Your viewer's comments and engagements let you monitor its habits and behaviors. Maximize this information and use it to your advantage.

 2.    Introduce your company or brand

        Your customers might be wondering what kind of product or service you are offering. Help people understand what your product and services are without revealing all the details at once. People love to be in the know, and they love to solve mysteries. Having a mix of mystery and entertainment attracts and makes some consumers think about your product or service in the long run. Create suspense. Release one clue at a time, or maybe ask your audience to guess what the product could be.

 3.    Build your Logo, Brand or Name.


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        To effectively introduce your brand, creating a strong identity is a must. Craft your brand clearly with all the right elements: logos, colors, style and layout. Make your name and logo appear at least twice on your teaser video. Reinforce a relationship between your brand and the material you present to your viewers. 

 4.    Proofs

        People nowadays prefer to trust companies with good reviews from different people. Put some proofs from users, who enjoyed and loved your brand or service, in your teaser video. Creating customer testimonial is one of the best strategies to gain consumer’s trust and validation for your brand.

A teaser plays a big role in the field of marketing. It helps promote brands, products, and services that may improve our kind of living. Dedicated consumers lap up the intimate details and enjoy the tease that only drip-fed information provides. If your industry has fans who eagerly await every announcement, no matter how big or small, then a teaser campaign will work well for you.