How to Create Video Ads for Youtube?

October 18, 2019


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Video content is huge and powerful — 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The platform alone has over a billion users, and each day, users watch billion hours of video which of course, generates billions of views as well.

It’s no wonder that video marketing is on the rise, because according to a report, 81 percent of people are convinced to buy a product by watching brands and businesses’ video ads, and 76% of businesses and brands say that creating videos helped them increase sales. What’s more, is that marketers can now target certain ads at people who recently searched for a certain product or service to target the video ads they’ll be served on the platform. If you want to know all about the power of video marketing, you’ll first learn what YouTube advertising is and the different types of YouTube ads.

What is YouTube advertising?


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Through Google Ads, YouTube advertising is a way of advertising your video content on YouTube or in any search results so that you can maximize your audience or user reach. This can be done by playing your video ad before a user views another video.

Different types of Youtube Ads

  • TrueView Ads

TrueView ads are the standard video ad type on YouTube. It gives viewers the most control over the ads they see and are great for businesses too. This is because advertisers only pay for TrueView ads when users watch it for at least 30 seconds or interact with the ad in some way such as clicking on a call-to-action, as well as viewers can select the ads they want to watch and skip the ones they don’t, making advertisers save money while also reaching more audience or viewers. The maximum length of a TrueView ad is 6 minutes with a minimum of 12 seconds.

  • Non-skippable instream ads

Non-skippable instream ads are ads that viewers can’t skip since they have less control over these ads. Advertisers pay for non-skippable Youtube ads on a cost-per-mile basis, which means that they pay a fee per thousand views. Non-skippable ads must be between 15 to 20 seconds.

  • Bumper instream ads

Bumper instream ads are non-skippable video ads that are played before a viewer’s chosen video and must be less than 6 seconds long. Advertisers also pay bumper ads on a cost-per-mile basis and aren’t an ideal format for product demos, testimonials, or stories.

  • Sponsored card ads

You can hardly notice these types of ads — sponsored cards come in a small letter “i” symbol that pops up on the upper right-hand corner of a video and when a viewer clicks it, it expands.

  • Overlay ads

Overlay ads are probably the simplest form of YouTube advertising. They appear as banner ads (can also be text-based) along the bottom of videos.

  • Display ads

Another simple YouTube advertising format is display ads. They appear on the right-hand sidebar above the suggested videos list and can be displayed in different sizes.