How To Do A/B Testing With Your Marketing Ad Videos

October 22, 2019


Photo by one photo on Shutterstock

You’ve probably heard this line “Let’s A/B test that” over and over when it comes to marketing ad videos. A/B testing is the most used testing method for improving conversion rates. Also known as split testing or bucket testing, it’s the practice of comparing two versions of the same thing to see which one performs better. A/B testing is commonly used in marketing to test everything from landing page design elements to CTA button copy, Colors, headlines, fonts, and everything in between, in order to maximize clicks, purchases, and sign-ups, or whatever the conversion goal may be.

A/B testing for videos

The concept of A/B testing in companies and businesses is nothing new to the world of marketing. If you’re interested in A/B testing your videos, here are some easy aspects to alter:

  • Thumbnails and splash screens
  • Calls to action
  • Copy and text

For top video performance and results, you can also factor in and test these following parts of your social media strategy for optimization as well.

  • Platform
  • Audience
  • Creative
  • Location in the marketing funnel

All in all, change it one thing at a time and determine the most effective factors, as well as combing them to get the best results possible.