How To Grow Your Brand With Influencer-Style Video Marketing

December 25, 2019

Video marketing is considered today as the second most significant content that B2B marketers are using. Video marketing makes your brand relevant, and lately, marketers are learning how to boost sales by using more resources. 


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Influencer marketing has become a trend in the last five years. Influencers are treated as most brands' advocates known for the fact that they manage a wide audience under their sleeves. That is why leveraging influencer-generated content to promote your brand can help grow your business quickly. 

Here is how you can grow your brand using the influencer-style.

Influencers are not overly-promotional

            Influencers will talk about themselves and ideas in their social media content. They are promoting without selling the brand directly. Influencers have a conversational tone, so people will not notice that they are promoting your brand. People are becoming tired of seeing info-loaded advertisements and pop-ups, so a little conversational approach from these influencers might appeal to the audience more.

Hashtags help you get discovered

            Influencers create a lot of engagement in their social media content. The content that influencers generated is discoverable because it has a relevant hashtag. Choosing the right hashtag will help you reach more customers. Think about a unique branded hashtag the influencers will promote to be memorable for their audiences. is one platform that you can use to identify popular hashtags.

Influencers can help improve your SEO

            Influencers create content that receives mentions, which include a link back to your site. Your rankings will get better due to the quality backlinks. The website gains more visitors, and your performance will improve with these links. Keep in mind that some mentions though are not meant for your brand.

They can attract more visitors


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            An influencer can serve as your spokesperson on social media platforms. Create excellent communication with your audience using different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. With the widespread use and popularity of social media, it's the perfect channel for you to communicate with your customers. Influencer content is more likely shared, liked, and talked about by people.

Their feedback has superpowers

            Do you know that consumers view product reviews before making a purchase? If an influencer creates a positive product review on your product, the more chances for consumers to try and purchase it. 

Influencers can increase your authority

            Influencer marketing can help you become a respected leader in the industry. Influencers have the expertise that earned them thousands of followers. Find an influencer that matches your domain, and check their content, to avoid the red flags - this is why more businesses thrive and gain more authority. 

However, remember that you cannot give full responsibility to your influencer. Companies need to choose an influencer with the same vision as their business and fit their brand.