How to Make Mobile-friendly Social Media and Ad Videos

September 24, 2019


Photo by Mael Balland on Unsplash

In today’s digital age, the internet has made it possible for businesses or individuals to reach a wider scope of audience. Long before such progression, television, radio, and print were the only platforms used for advertising, but now, new media has been added to the list. The majority of people, if not all, spend their time on social media browsing and clicking on anything that interests them.

If you want to attract potential customers, you have to make sure your social media or ad videos are impactful. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use costly equipment to produce a stunning video. Your smartphone is still a great choice! Add the fact that it’s what you’re used to and comfortable with.

Take note that the video should be smooth on all devices. People use phones or huge screens so the video must look equally good in both. Ready your pen, here are five ways for a top-quality social media and ad videos using your smartphone!

1. Ensure fast loading times

If a video or ad takes too long to load, people immediately quit and click exit. They don’t want to waste their time and would rather check out another video. How can you enjoy watching a video if it takes too long to load to the point of annoying you, right? Therefore, ensure it loads fast to avoid driving away viewers.

For faster loading times, it is important to compress images and prioritize videos. Optimizing video files will have little effect on page speed. Smaller media files load faster, so reduce size without overlooking image quality. MP4 and WebM have become the standard format for platforms, such as Youtube and Vimeo, which enables high-quality videos in small sizes.

Tip: Use an online video converter to convert videos to HTML5 formats such as MP4 and WebM.

2. Utilize Text

Eighty-five percent of your social video is watched without sound so putting text helps deliver your message clearly. Text also helps you reach and engage users who have your video on mute. Make sure it’s concise and does not overwhelm the video.

Tip: Add a transparent background behind your text to make it legible or easy to read.

3. Use vertical or square formats

Vertical and square videos or ads are definitely getting more popular than the usual landscape videos. These formats make the video more interesting and engaging to the audience.

Tip: Square formatted videos are the best choice for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On these platforms, square videos fill the screen more on both desktop and mobile devices.

4. Simple, bold splash screens


Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash

Simple, bold splash screens are key to keep viewers on your videos since they are pleasing in the eyes.

5. Provide shorter content

Users have short attention spans, so get to the point while they’re still interested in watching your social video or ad. Even if the content needs to be short, the key ideas should be well-presented. A short video drives more viewers and will push them to check out the other videos you have.

Now, take out your mobile phone and you’re ready to go!