How To Use Social Media Videos for Brand Awareness

December 28, 2019

Brand awareness is how consumers know about your brand, and it can affect your business positively. You can be familiar with more consumers. Your revenue will increase because many consumers will do business with you. Your consumers will spread your services through word of mouth, giving you the chance to increase your revenue. Use this guide on how your brand can increase revenue through social media videos.

  • Get to know your target audience


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Think about your audience when you decide to use video to increase brand awareness. Know what things interest them, their demographics, and the kind of language they use. Learn what imagery will grab their attention. Create buyer personas to help you get to know your audience better. Buyer personas will represent your prospective customers, depending on the gathered consumer data and new market research.

  • Originality is a must

People watch millions of videos on YouTube every day. You need to create an original video to keep up with the competition. The original idea builds more awareness from viewers. You need to put out a one of a kind promotional material to increase your brand awareness. Observe what other people are doing, then create something new and better. You don’t want to receive comments that you plagiarized some content to other videos.

  • Be Brief

The human attention span is shorter than before. People are busy nowadays. Keep your video brief and straight to the point. Viewers will more likely leave if your video lasts for hours or more than five minutes. Explain your brand within three minutes or shorter, and talk about three to four key points about your business. Do not forget to provide a clear call to action.

  • 80/20 Rule

Marketers are familiar with the 80/20 rule. Creating videos should only take up 20% of your time, and the remaining 80% on promotions. The 20% comprises the effort and money you invested in producing the video content. The competition is fierce, knowing there are millions of videos online. Promote your content on different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Email, to be able to reach your ideal customers. 

  • Optimize Your Videos For Different Devices


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Users will view your video using smartphones, tablets, or desktop. You have to make sure the video player you use is very responsive. The size of your video should adjust according to screens of different devices. Square orientation will make your video content look great on any device. Use the video player dashboard to improve your video’s appearance. Keep your videos succinct so the busy users will not feel bored. Do not forget to make the website where users send the call to action is very responsive.