How Video Marketing Can Build Your Brand Online

December 26, 2019


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Video marketing marks the dawn of a new age when people do not have to search for print ads or flyers to know more about a product or service. With video marketing, the advertisements go to the viewer as they browse through the net, introducing a new product and creating a need within the customer to have that product due to the compelling scenes in the video. 

Just like a movie heroine, get your viewers to relate to your brand and root for your product with videos that satisfies their soul and senses. Nothing boosts sales more than video marketing can. Besides being the fastest and most effective way to reach your consumer, there are other reasons why video marketing is your key to produce a striking brand presence online.

1. Conversion is key.

            Putting a video into your website gives almost positive consumer conversion. Social media videos are fast, direct, memorable, and have higher possibilities of connecting emotionally to the users. It slams the viewer with the message that you are trying to say with the emotions that you want them to feel as well. Videos can also be a tool for a virtual demonstration of your product or service wherein you can show its benefits instead of listing it down.

2. E-mails with videos attached to them get more clicks.

            Email marketing is a tricky business. Videos in emails pique the mind’s curiosity. When done right, email marketing is a useful tool, but if not, you find yourself included in the spam list. Visual presentations are more efficient to perceive and understand than those that are written solely, tripling the increment of click-through rate. Moreso, you take away the consumer’s chance for misleading connotations by letting them see and hear the tone of the dialogue and the scene.

3. Find your video at the top of search engines.

            Search anything online, and the most relatable videos pop up first in the search list. On Instagram, video advertisements and IGTV take enormous space on the search screen, compared to the traditional IG posts. Furthermore, YouTube is the second most utilized search site after Google. Gain exposure for your site and your video will be on the top spot at search engines.

4. Videos are viral content.

            Videos are easy to digest and also easy to appreciate. Mix your company’s message with the perfect video setting, then you get a video worth sharing, lessening your job by letting your viewers spread the word about the video and your brand.

5. Video builds trust.

            Creating a unique personality for your brand and company is vital in building a relationship with your customers. Content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships. Be relatable and show people that you are more than just a business but also an entity that they could trust. Creating more and more videos gives your audience an arsenal of information and content to view to make them familiar with you, then to establish a common ground for interest, and values which will eventually help you gain their trust.

6. Video captures even those who have no time for it.

            The attention span of the average person is so short that you only ideally have a minute to get your message across to them once you get their attention. Video is one of the fastest ways to do so. More and more consumers prefer video content as it is more fun to see colors and shapes than to read the text. It also takes a lot less time, as well. 


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The continuous innovation and technology make video marketing more effective yet cheaper and easier to use. Knowing your target market well is a defining factor for the overall result of your video marketing strategy. Making a great video but missing out the whole point of the why's, who's, and how's of your brand destroys all effort that you made. The right mix of heart and mind and soul incorporated in your video marketing strategy is the fuel for it to spread like wildfire across the Internet. Do not be afraid to experiment as the sky is the limit. Try video marketing today.