International Mountain Day - December 11


What is International Mountain Day?

This international observance day can be traced all the way back to 1992. This is when Chapter 12 of Agenda 21 was adopted by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. It was entitled “Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development” and brought the world’s attention to the importance of mountains and mountain ranges to the world. As the attention towards this issue increased, it was then decided that 2002 would become the International Year of Mountains, with the hopes that it would not only raise awareness but would also stir action on sustainable mountain development. It was on December 11, 2003, that the United Nations General Assembly established this observance to help bring awareness to keep the mountains safe and protected.

How to celebrate International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is celebrated in a variety of different ways. Various activities are organized all over the world-- events, seminars, symposiums, and lectures are held on the subject of mountains, and how they impact the environment and how to help the communities that rely on their resources. In addition, mountain climbing associations may hold special climbing events, school organizations that are related to mountains can hold special events for their members as well as to students who want to join. You can also help clean up mountains or the land surrounding it to decrease pollution. Apart from that, try climbing, hiking, or driving to your favorite mountain with your friends and families (but don’t litter), or plan a mountain-themed party, or better yet, raise awareness about how resources can be used without further degrading mountain ecosystems. International Mountain Day is a great day for people to get together to celebrate the contributions made by mountains or to raise awareness of the issues that affect mountains and the people who depend on them. In addition, every person, big or small, needs to be actively taking steps to ensure that we are doing what we can to maintain and preserve precious mountain environments.

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