International Ninja Day - December 5


What is International Ninja Day?

International Ninja Day every December 5 is dedicated to remembering and honoring ancient warriors of China and Japan. Espionage, assassination, guerrilla warfare, and sabotage are known to be the top skills of a ninja. With a clad in their signature black attire, they appear in the deepest night, striking their quarry and disappearing again quickly without leaving any trace. There has been a rumor that they are good to be the masters of Kuji-Kiri, an eastern magical practice that made them capable of combining their natural ability to move like ghosts with supernatural powers.

Being a ninja in this modern-day has a mission, be your best ninja-self in mindset, physical ability, and knowledge. You should also have a purpose and that is to have confidence in yourself and abilities to deal with any situation, may it be just from regular life problems and threats. Celebrate International Ninja Day this December 5!

History of Ninja

To fully understand the history of International Ninja Day, one must first understand the history of the Ninja. The original Ninjas were the Iga Province of Japan warriors during the Sengoku period, these warriors were raised from the people of the countrysides which has less access to proper armor, weapons, or training to use them.

And these are the reasons why there are so many weapons of the Ninja drawn from agricultural roots, such as the kunai and sickle. There are no infiltration-focused assassins here, as ninjas are just humble farmers working in their fields.

The “traditional” black clothing of the ninja actually came from the result of how Ninja was represented in theater. Ninjas are normal community members of their province, thus identifying a ninja based on their clothing, weapons, banners, and nationality is challenging. They also appear invisible to the ruling class as most, if not all, belong to the working class.

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