Kid Inventors' Day - January 17


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What is Kid Inventors' Day?

Just because children possess less knowledge of how the world works, that doesn’t mean they can’t have ideas for practical and useful inventions. In fact, many people believe that children are capable of being particularly creative for the simple reason that they don’t yet know how difficult many things are, and are therefore able to imagine much more than adults. Kid Inventors’ Day is a celebration for all the kids who dared to defy the world and come up with better solutions than all of the adults before them.

Kid Inventors’ Day was created many years ago by people who wanted to celebrate the achievements of the youngest inventors as well as encourage more children to be creative.

January 17th was chosen but it also has a different meaning as it is the birthday of the renowned polymath, politician and child inventor Benjamin Franklin. Due to his countless achievements, many people don’t know that when Franklin was just 12 years old, he invented the world’s first swim flippers, making him a great role model for every child who dreams of inventing something that they have not seen before.

And so, to dedicate this wonderful discovery and the idea of the youngsters being a great help for the future, Kid Inventors’ Day is being celebrated all around the world on this very special date.

How to Celebrate Kid Inventors' Day?

If you have children, Kid Inventors’ Day could easily turn out to be one of the most educational and at the same time, it could be the most fun day to spend time with your children. Children’s minds are unlimited by the knowledge of possibilities and impossibilities, and as sometimes just believing that something is possible is enough to make it so, you may be truly astounded at the ideas your children come up with.

Who knows, perhaps you are unwittingly living under the same roof as a potential next Ben Franklin? The Kid Inventors’ Day website also offers lots of fun ideas on how to spend this holiday creatively and productively, such as taking part in a rubber band contest for young inventors. There are a few more ways to celebrate this day with your children that you can also consider.

1. Research Kid Inventions

Popsicles, water skis, and earmuffs were all invented by kids. You can assign a class project and let each student pick an invention to research and present it to the class. From things created by famous kid inventors – Benjamin Franklin invented water skis at age 12 – to everyday inventors like your students, encourage your students to research a wide variety of inventions.

2. Learn about Patents

Kid Inventors’ Day can also be a time to spend learning about the patent process. For middle school students, you can ask students to sketch an invention in class and go through the process of patenting it. For high school students, design a more involved project and give them several weeks to create an invention.

3. Invent Together

This could be a classroom-wide project or a classroom contest with multiple building groups. Use items you find in your classroom to make it affordable and easy.

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