Laugh and Get Rich Day - February 8


By adriaticfoto

What is Laugh and Get Rich Day?

Want to get rich without an investment? Then shake that negativity clinging unto you away and laugh your heart out, simple as that. You may think about it, what’s the connection between laughing to being rich?

Well, celebrated every February 8, Laugh and Get Rich Day encourages people to have a positive outlook in life, bringing luck, and becoming a tool to becoming more creative. When you are creative, you can then bring the best out of you, making this an edge to your studies or at your work. Creating new ideas and being productive is a stepping stone for your success.

Though this unofficial holiday may not be able to give you money, there are a lot of benefits of you get from laughing, one of which is that it’s the best medicine. Aside from having good vibes in life, this can make you free of illness, and remember that health is wealth!

How to celebrate Laugh and Get Rich Day?

This Laugh and Get Rich Day, share a happy-go-lucky life to your friends and family by sharing dope memes or witty jokes in social media. You can play with your colleagues as well by throwing jokes to each other (just avoid those offensive ones) and get creative while working.

Visiting comedy bars, participating in laughing sessions, or simply watching a comedy movie is perfect for this day!

There are various ways to become happy and mind you; you can laugh for no reason. Burn your calories and laugh as much as you want!

Trivia about Laugh and Get Rich Day

Did you know that rats and monkeys laugh?

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