Library Lovers' Month - February 3


By diignat

What is Library Lovers’ Month?

It’s basically for people who love the library. But do you ever wonder why some people like it so much that the whole month of February is actually dedicated to library lovers?

Libraries serve as a refuge away from daily life's hustle and bustle; it offers peace and security to readers. It is also a place where you can concentrate, and acquire desired information.

How to celebrate Library Lovers’ Month

Enjoy your library for what it is, a meeting place for the neighborhood, or a treasure trove of ideas. There's so much to be found there, including new books for reading, and research guidance for your educational needs. People who frequently visit the library appear to be really drawn into academics, with thousands of ideas and opinions to confer. Bumping into another person and meeting new people in the library may lead to deep conversations.

Facts About Libraries

  • 94% of libraries provide 24/7 access to eBooks and other digital content.
  • Libraries are a great place for entrepreneurs to start developing their next big idea.
  • Library technology assistance is a great resource for professional development or just staying connected with faraway relatives.
  • Library programs provide learning, fun, and a sense of community for people of all ages and interests!

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