Marketing Video: Best Practices for 2020

December 27, 2019

Video Marketing is the best marketing strategy in this day and age. It is also the most accessible and the most widespread, with 80% of the worldwide population watching videos every single week. With almost absolute message retention to all its viewers, it is a must to get on with the trend of video marketing for business.

For 2020, here are the best practices to step up your video marketing game.

Videos should be catered specifically to its social media platform destination.

            High-quality videos feed the eyes and the hearts of the viewer with a full-course meal of color and clarity. It is also essential that you have your platform in mind when you use your marketing video editor. For example, YouTube uses the 16:9 ratio, and IGTV uses vertical or portrait layouts instead of landscape. Optimize your videos for not cutting off the message of your brand. 

Instagram stories will be the new King of Online Video Marketing.

            Instagram stories sport a few more additional benefits to Instagram posts. One, IG stories lack the need for feed aesthetic content creation. Add a personalized touch to your videos so that you may be able to connect effectively with your consumers. Use IG stories for more personal videos like behind-the-scenes content, or bloopers making your brand more human and authentic, creating a bond of trust between you and your viewers. 


Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

            Lastly, the limited viewing time could be a cause for a venue to show exclusive content and promotions so that your viewers will be more inclined to watch out for your next online marketing video. In this time, who does not want to be the first to know about the latest of the greatest?

Incorporate your video marketing in Google Ads.

            Google video ads appear on YouTube or virtually anywhere on the Internet. By 2020, almost half of the consumer population will go to Generation Z. If you think Millenials are the ones to watch out for, then you have to think again. The latest generation watch videos approximately half the time they are awake. With the increase in buying power, focus on producing video marketing centered on them.

            The quickest and most effective way to make sure that your video gets seen is through Google Ads, wherein they utilize SEO video marketing tools for your video to reach as much market as it can. Not just the highest market but the best one for your brand as well.

Videos will be more than just something to watch.

            Have you seen those IG stories prompting you to swipe up, and the action will lead you directly to the brand’s online shop? Most consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. The main goal of the ever-changing innovation in technology is to make everything more accessible. Do not ask your consumers to visit your store. Bring your store to the consumers!

Videos need to be short and sweet.  

            Since everything is ever-changing, the attention span of a person becomes shorter and shorter as something new pops up every time. You have a limited amount of time to get your message across once you get their attention, so you have to make it count. Focus on one topic. Say everything needed in a 30-second to 1-minute video. End with a banging call-to-action prompting viewers to click on the link, swipe up or use that code. You don’t want to sell but forget to tell them how to buy it.

2020 will be a significant year for the marketing industry. Plan wisely your video marketing strategy and keep at it and get ahead of the game and make your business pop!