Mitten Tree Day - December 6


What is Mitten Tree Day?

Mitten Tree Day is celebrated on December 6 of every year. Children would definitely enjoy this fun holiday. During the winter holidays, mittens are a big help for us to stay a little warmer. Now, do you wanna build a snowman? Get your cozy and fuzzy winter mittens to play snowball and build a snowman this Mitten Tree Day.

History of Mitten Tree Day

The exact history and origin of the Mitten Tree Day are unknown. Believed to be created by school teachers as a way to celebrate the Christmas season with an activity for kids filled with fun and joy while they are in the school. Mitten Tree Day was also then given significance as Candace Christiansen's children's book called Mitten Tree was released to the public.

This storybook is about an elderly lady named Sarah, who watches children gathering at a bus stop in the morning every single day. And one day, she notices a boy that does not own or have mittens and so, she decides she will knit some and place them nearby evergreen tree for him to find.

Sarah also noticed that some of the children are unable to play in the snow as they don’t have any mittens. So she decided to knit a basket full of mittens and hang every handmade mitten all over the tree for the children to use. One day when Sarah had no yarn, she received a whole basket of yarn to use, which made her sew more mittens until it became a habit. Whenever Sarah runs out of yarn, she gets a lot more basket of yarns and uses these to make mittens for the girls and boys in her town.

More organizations, museums, and schools celebrate this event by reading the story, and by then having students and children cut out mittens from construction paper to decorate a cardboard tree with. Another alternative they do instead of making a fake tree and mittens, real mittens are being donated by children, and they could be hung on a real tree on the day, and then it will be given to people in need.

The term mitten has derived its name from the Old French word “mitaine.” It was an old pet name for a cat, and the mittens were made of animal fur. Back in the days, it was originally used as sheaths for gloves to protect the hands.

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