National Apricot Day - January 9


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What is Apricot Day?

Apricot lovers from across the U.S. celebrate National Apricot Day on January 9 every year.

The velvety flesh of the apricot is similar to that of its peach relative. The golden-orange fruit's texture is stronger and the flavor tenderer than its cousin. Fresh, canned and dried, this versatile fruit is enjoyed in many ways.

Apricots are found throughout the world, but originated in ancient times in northeastern China near the Russian border and were later introduced to Europe and Armenia. Since English settlers arrived in Virginia, the apricot found its way to North America. Spanish explorers and missionaries took the fruit further west where today the fruit is cultivated commercially.

If left unpruned, the apricot tree may grow to 45 feet. It produces blossoms of white, pink or red and is a hardy tree of winter. Early frosts, however, may damage the fruit.

The apricot is a versatile ingredient with its distinctive flavor which lends itself to both sweet and savory dishes. Perfect for snacking, apricots are best off the tree fresh but are also found throughout the year in markets. When dried, it is best served with healthy granola or a salad add-on.

How to Celebrate Apricot Day?

Simply telling you to go out and buy some dried apricots and then take them home and eat them would be too easy. And for that, we suggest something more interesting. We challenge you to incorporate apricots into different food. They can be used in more ways than you think so be imaginative. Apricots are nutrient-rich, so you really can't go overboard.

New apricots are delicious, refreshing, and should always be eaten. Dried apricots are just as tasty and can be enjoyed all year round. Apricot Day doesn't seem to be going down in the apricot season, but we still recommend you go to enjoy some apricots.

Quotes to live by Apricot Day

“ Hot July brings cooling showers, apricot, and gillyflowers.” - Sara Coleridge

“If you have been sunned through and through like an apricot on a wall from your earliest days, you are oversensitive to any withdrawal of heat.”- Margot Asquith

“ Five tender apricots in a blue bowl, a brief and exact promise of things to come.” - Frances Mayes

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