National Bartenders Day - December 8


What is National Bartenders Day?

The Bartenders are have been around since ancient times and across cultures. Now, we have over half a million bartenders in the United States alone. National Bartenders Day, celebrated every 8th of December is a perfect day to share a drink with your favorite mixologist.

Celebrate the Bartenders Day

Enjoy the day by visiting bars near you. A simple greeting to the bartenders will surely lighten up their day. You could also make plans to attend a flair bartending competition or enroll is a short course to learn more about making cocktails and fancy alcoholic drinks.

History of Bartenders

In the 1400s, throughout Europe, the innkeepers served as bartenders, serving spirits to the inn guests. Moving on 1862, Mr. Jerry Tomas published the book, “The Bartender’s Guide” which talks about how Barcelona was stuck on three drinks: beer, wine, and vermouth and that cocktails were underserved. In 1920, the bartending profession was alive and well in underground speakeasies and even gave birth to an iconic drink like gin and tonic.

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